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User guide

The Pipolino® is not a simple toy. It is a virtual hunting field that will satisfy your cat’s predatory needs. When hungry, your cat has to roll the Pipolino® to extract the food pellets. This action mimics the natural predatory behavior that your cat was genetically programmed to perform in the wild.

This daily activity as well as the psychological stimulation provided by the Pipolino® will increase
your cat’s health and welfare.

To obtain the full effect from the Pipolino®, it is primordial to introduce it adequately by following the next 10 steps:

  1. First, eliminate all other sources of food
    • Remove food bowls
    • Do not give treats during the introduction
  2. Fill the Pipolino® with your cat’s daily portion of dry food
  3. Untie the adjustment screw, adjust the Pipolino® to the most open position (12 holes) and tie the screw to fix the Pipolino® to the desired difficulty level.
  4. Leave the Pipolino® on the ground near the wall in the area where the food bowl used to be.
  5. Leave some food pellets under the Pipolino® or between the Pipolino® and the wall
  6. Leave your cat alone with the Pipolino®

    • The introduction of the Pipolino® before you go to bed may increase its acceptance by shy cats that prefer to hide for hunting.
    • It could take many days for the cat to get completely used to the Pipolino®. Do not make other food sources available during the introduction.
    • Make sure the cat does not go for more than two days without food. If the cat does not roll the Pipolino®, hide 1/4 of its daily portion between the Pipolino® and the wall.
    • Never roll the Pipolino® in front of your cat as this may be frightening if your cat is not used to it.

  7. If your cat does not use the Pipolino® after a day then repeat steps 5 and 6 and leave more food on the floor.
  8. On subsequent days, if the Pipolino® is empty, fill it with your cat’s daily portion of dry food. Gradually decrease the number of open holes by adjusting the Pipolino® in order to eventually allow the minimum amount of pellets to come out at once and provide the maximum amount of physical activity and psychological stimulation.
    • If some unconsumed pellets remain on the floor, adjust the Pipolino® and increase the difficulty by reducing the number of open holes.
  9. Once the maximum difficulty level is achieved by your cat, you can fill the Pipolino® with up to 4 days of food supply.
    • The maximum difficulty level will vary according to the food pellets size.
  10. For a multicat household, follow the same instruction and introduce the Pipolino® to each cat individually before leaving it as a single source of food supply. In many cases, the other cats will imitate the first that uses it without the need for specific introduction.


  1. The Pipolino® is designed to be rolled by a cat. It could then break if it falls on the floor.
    • Do not leave the Pipolino® on the counter.
    • Do not use the Pipolino® in proximity of stairs
    • Do not use the Pipolino® for other species or in presence of young children without adult supervision.
  2. The Pipolino® is ideal for small dogs (less than 20 pounds) and can be used in order to increase physical activity, occupy the pet during the owners’ absence or to reduce the speed of food intake.
    • Never leave the Pipolino® to a dog that is large enough to pick it up in its mouth.
  3. The cat’s health may be compromised if fasted longer than 24 to 48 hours. Obese cats are particularly at risk. It is very important to follow the 10 previous steps in order to ensure a safe introduction. Always make sure the cat is eating every day. Continue to leave food pellets under the Pipolino® until the cat use it properly. This will act as a “lure” which may stimulate the cat to roll the Pipolino® to gain access to these pellets. (see user guide)

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