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Your cat's personality

My cat vocalizes during the night

Your cat wakes you up at night to be fed
Your cat wakes up earlier and earlier waiting for its breakfast

Stray and wild cats
Cats are naturally nocturnal animals. They enjoy wandering at nightfall. This period of time favors social and reproductive contacts with other cats.
Domestic cats
Indoor cats often eat their entire meal during the daytime, due mostly to the fact that they are being fed conventional meals and lack environmental stimulation. This excessive intake causes cats to sleep more and consequently store their excess energy as fat reserves. It is not uncommon to see domestic cats waking up at the end or middle of the night starving and hypoglycemic. These cats feel hungry and vocalize in order to obtain food. Some cats will sleep all day long and then vocalize at night in order to obtain attention and encourage social contact.
Pipolino cats
By allowing cats to divide their meal throughout the day, the Pipolino® will prevent high variation in glycemia and reduces secondary nocturnal vocalizations. In addition, by keeping the cat more active and awake during the day, the Pipolino® reduces the likelihood of attention seeking vocalizations.
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