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Stray and wild cats
Cats living outdoors are more at risk of coming into contact with infectious diseases. However, their well-maintained physical and mental equilibrium allows their immune system to fight certain infections.
Domestic cats
Cats that are fed in conventional food bowls and live in inadaptive environments are very much at risk of becoming sedentary and obese. The stress linked to these 2 conditions may lead to the development of many diseases from simple infections to urinary problems. Chronic stress may result in neurological, hormonal and immunological changes, which may cause increased sensitivity of being affected by other diseases and illnesses. Hormonal problems, such as those involving insulin, lead to pre-diabetes and hypertension. Hypertension decreases renal perfusion, facilitating chronic renal insufficiency. We often find these cats obese, diabetic and with intermittent cystitis.
Pipolino cats
The Pipolino® gives your cat the best of both worlds. The reduction in stress resulting from the use of the Pipolino® allows the cat to develop an improved immune system and avoid the development of numerous metabolic diseases. The physical activity this tool procures also limits obesity and urinary stasis, which are often responsible for the development of urinary calculi and blockages often seen in domestic cats.
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