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Your cat's personality

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Your cat continues to gain weight even with a low-calorie diet

Stray and wild cats
Wild cats spend an average of 4 to 6 hours per day wandering and feeding themselves. These cats will only successfully capture one prey out of every ten attempts. Consequently these cats spend most of their day alert and very active. This motor activity limits the production of fatty tissue and promotes the production of healthy muscle tissue.
Domestic cats
In turn, domestic cats find themselves in a vicious cycle of inactivity and obesity. Domestic cats tend to live in homes with poor environmental stimulation. The stress caused by such environmental hypo-stimulation may effectively cause cats to have increased food intake and a more sedentary lifestyle. Cats eating out of conventional bowls will eat more quickly and in so, ingest more calories than needed. These excessive calories will then be quickly stored as fatty tissue.
Pipolino cats
By limiting the speed of ingestion, the Pipolino® will effectively reduce the quantity of food ingested by the cat at mealtime. In addition, cats will be more alert and their physical activity coupled with the mental stimulation that the Pipolino® procures, encourages the destruction of fatty tissues and production of healthy muscle. As the Pipolino® permits cats to ingest only their daily caloric needs, it will effectively cause obese cats to loose weight, all in the while preserving the healthy body of an active cat.
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