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Your cat's personality

My cat is old and simply sleeps all the time

Your cat spends most of its time sleeping in the same place
and is not active anymore

Your cat no longer plays with his old toys
Nothing stimulates your cat anymore

Stray and wild cats
Cats in the wild do not live very long as they are exposed to many risks, both infectious and injurious. However, their daily activity permits them to live active and agile regardless of their age.
Domestic cats
Even though they generally live longer than outdoor cats, indoor cats suffer regularly from degenerative diseases often caused by inactivity and stress. These illnesses may significantly reduce the quality and longevity of their lives.
Pipolino cats
The Pipolino® allows indoor cats to live a longer and healthier life by encouraging activity. In so it limits the propagation of other secondary problems related to stress and sedation such as obesity and ankylosis. The mental stimulation that is procured by the Pipolino® ensures cats are more awake and prevents premature aging. Even inactive cats will become more alert and aroused when using the Pipolino®.
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