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Your cat's personality

My cat urinates outside the litter box

Your cat urinates in corners, on doorframes, or on chair legs

Stray and wild cats
Cats in the wild mark areas of passage in order to signal to other cats that they have been in the vicinity. In such, urinary marking is a normal part of feline communication. It is more frequent in living conditions where there is cohabitation as well as in the presence of stressful situations/conditions.
Domestic cats
Domestic cats undergo a great deal of stress going from an inadequately enriched environment to forced cohabitation with another cat. This stress may provoke anxiety in cats that will not hesitate to mark their environment with urine in order to appease themselves.
Pipolino cats
The anxiolytic effects of the Pipolino® help reduce the frequency of urinary marking secondary to stress and/or cohabitation.
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