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Your cat's personality

And the kitten?

You just got a fluffy little kitten that has not stopped purring
Your kitten is exploring and experiencing the world
Your kitten is playful and is busy perfecting its chasing and hunting
behaviors on your furniture.

Stray and wild cats
In nature, kittens learn to hunt gradually. Early on, the queen will bring dead prey to the kittens and as time passes, she will bring prey that is still alive. This way, the kittens are learning gradually how to hunt until they reach the point where they can hunt autonomously.
Domestic cats
Kittens develop their food preferences at a young age. If they eat from a conventional bowl, they may fall in a vicious cycle of excessive eating and sedentary lifestyle. It is not uncommon to find one year old cats that are already obese, inactive and depressed.
Pipolino cats
The Pipolino® "difficulty adjustment system" permits cats of all ages to learn how to feed themselves adequately. When the kitten uses the Pipolino® from 2 months of age, it learns to feed itself while encouraging the production of body proteins necessary for healthy muscle development. The mental stimulation as well as the activity procured by the Pipolino® circumvents the production of fatty tissues during the kittens’ development and promotes physical and mental equilibrium the length of its growth. The Pipolino® allows kittens to redirect their hunting activities and in so, preserve your furniture (furniture that could be ruined from their sharp claws).
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