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Your cat's personality
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Your cat's personality

My cat races like crazy, climbs everywhere and causes things
to fall down throughout the house

Your cat gets a rounded back, takes off in a sprint around the house,
races up the stairs and jumps on the sofa.

Your cat is constantly investigating new places to explore
Your cat slips out between your legs the minute you open the door
Your cat climbs everywhere, opens cabinets and pushes things
so they fall

Your cat grooms itself with an exaggerated intensity

Stray and wild cats
Stray cats spend more than half of their time alert and seeking food. This physical and mental stimulation allows cats to find equilibrium between rest and activity.
Domestic cats
On the other hand, domestic cats do not spend any energy feeding themselves. This lack of physical activity and mental stimulation motivates them to find alternative solutions to meet their fundamental needs. Before becoming depressed and inactive, some cats that are under-stimulated will run excessively around the house or groom themselves at a frequency and intensity possibly leading to self-mutilation. They are attempting to explore their environment searching for vital stimulation. Cats that lack this stimulation will sometimes become behaviorally depressive and anxious, possibly leading to obsessive/compulsive behaviors.
Pipolino cats
The Pipolino® procures for the domestic cat a level of activity and mental stimulation necessary for a physiological and psychological equilibrium by controlling hyperactivity and depression. Cats that are able to redirect their need for activity will be less anxious and less at risk of developing physical and behavioral problems.
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