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Your cat's personality
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Your cat's personality

My cat attacks my ankles, my hands and my feet

Your cat attacks your geed when you are sleeping.
Your cat attacks your ankles when you are walking
Your cat bites you when you pet it for too long

Stray and wild cats
Contrary to dogs, cats have not lost their experienced hunting skills. Cats are one of the only animals where their need to hunt is independent of their need to eat. Consequently, the expression of hunting behaviors is part of normal cat behaviors and is fundamental. Wild cats take on average 5 hours to hunt during the day. Some cats have needs exceeding the average and will hunt for longer periods, sometimes up to 8 to 12 hours per day.
Domestic cats
The indoor cat also has hunting needs. As the environment in which it lives does not provide for all of its specific needs, it will redirect its behaviors towards other possible targets, such as owners’ ankles and hands, or even their feet under bedcovers at night.
Pipolino cats
The adjustable difficulty level of the Pipolino® allows cats to satisfy their hunting needs and in so redirects these predatory behaviors away from the owners (much to their content) to a more suitable target... The Pipolino®.
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