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Your cat's personality

My cat is always hungry

Your cat meows constantly in order to get food
Your cat devours his meal in only a few minutes (bulimia)
Your cat regurgitates his food a few minutes after eating

Stray and wild cats
Cats are natural nibblers. When living in the outdoors, they will eat small meals frequently throughout the day. In order to eat, cats prey upon multiple small animals. The time spent hunting and chewing their prey prevents them from overeating.
Domestic cats
Once the meal has begun, it will take the domestic cat approximately 20 minutes to obtain satiety, or have the feeling of fullness. When a domestic cat is fed in a conventional bowl, it eats very quickly this readily accessible food. Consequently, it will ingest a large quantity of food exceeding its caloric needs, far before the feeling of satiety sets in. In such, domestic cats are likely to suffer from obesity and other secondary diseases. Cats that eat excessive quantities of food in record time will occasionally suffer from regurgitation a few minutes after ingestion. This occurs secondary to excessive distention of the stomach.
Pipolino cats
The Pipolino® permits domestic cats to hunt in order to feed themselves and in so, retaining their natural equilibrium. The Pipolino® allows the cats to obtain a level of satiety by reducing the speed of ingestion and the amount of food pellets ingested for each hunting session. Consequently, they eat only the caloric quantity needed to provide them with their daily energy requirements. When cats have access to the Pipolino®, they will use it at a frequency similar to that of the wild cat, simulating its daily predatory behavior. The small quantity of food ingested per meal and the slow speed at which the cats ingest the food also prevents post-prandial regurgitation.
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