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Your cat's personality

My cat is scared of everything

your cat spends most of his time under the wardrobe or bed
when you have guests.

The smallest noise will cause your cat to jump. Even walking in his
direction makes him run away.

Stray and wild cats
In nature, it would be impossible for a cat to spend its time fearful and hiding. Cats in the wild need to stay alert at all-time and watch for possible dangers as well as hunt for themselves. These activities therefore, contribute to the maintenance of their physical and mental equilibrium.
Domestic cats
It is evident that some cats are more timid than others. However, the stress arriving from poor environmental stimulation and living conditions which are not adaptive to the natural needs of the cat, may increase a cats anxiety and fear. These cats are in a state of anticipation of future dangers (anxiety). An anxious cat sees threats in an exaggerated fashion and reacts excessively to weak stimuli.
Pipolino cats
The Pipolino® considerably reduces the stress caused by inadequate environmental conditions as well as lessening their anxiety and fears. In addition, these fearful and anxious cats are obliged to leave their hiding place in order to hunt for their food using the Pipolino®. They may associate being out of their hiding place with a positive experience (hunting and eating) and then become less shy.
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