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Your cat's personality

My cat does nothing and sleeps all the time

Your cat sleeps practically all day long
Your cat does not play
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Stray and wild cats
Wild cats spend an average of 4 to 6 hours per day wandering and feeding themselves. These cats will only successfully capture one prey out of every ten attempts. Consequently these cats spend most of their day alert and very active. This motor activity limits the production of fatty tissue and promotes the production of healthy muscle tissue.
Domestic cats
Domestic cats living indoors lack environmental stimulation and often become sedentary. This inactivity may lead to boredom and eventually depression. Secondary obesity caused by inappropriate feeding methods and boredom maintains a vicious cycle. Unfortunately, many owners believe it is normal for a cat to sleep all day.
Pipolino cats
In addition to the hours spent chasing the kibble hidden inside the Pipolino®, many of these cats become less depressive, sleep less and begin to play again, all with the goal of perfecting their hunting skills. This renewed interest in play after the introduction of the Pipolino® may be a good method of diagnosing asymptomatic depression in the domestic cat.
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