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Your cat's personality

My cats fight regularly

Your cat is regularly aggressive towards another cat in your home
Your cat stares at and blocks the passage of another cat in your home
Your cat regularly runs after another cat in your home

Stray and wild cats
Wild cats are relatively solitary and rarely chose to interact with other cats.
Domestic cats
Unfortunately, many owners think their cat is lonely and so they decide to get another cat to keep it company. These cats are then subjected to a significant social stress. When cats are forced to interact with other cats in environments not adaptive to cohabitation, they quickly become aggressive toward or the victim of the other cat in the household.
Pipolino cats
The Pipolino® is indispensable for cats living communally. It permits cats that live together to develop their social skills in a positive way. Cats may “hunt” the kibble jointly or may even take turns playing with the Pipolino®. They are associating the presence of the other cat with something positive (hunting, playing, and eating) while facilitating communication. In addition, by generally reducing overall stress in the cat, the Pipolino® encourages improved cohabitation and limits altercations.
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